Stocks Name Recommend Date Recommend Price HighPrice % Return Given Months/ years High Price Date
Nilkamal 06-Dec-14 Rs 346 + Rs 1600 + 450% + 13 months 13-Jan-16
KEI 02-nov-14 Rs 35 + Rs 128 + 300% + 20 months 11-Jul-16
MASTEK 04-NOV-14 Rs 260(87+) Rs 1225 + 300% + 20 months 13-Jan-16
MORPHENLAB 07-DeAPR-15 Rs 13 + Rs 41 + 280% + 10 months 13-Jan-16
8K MILES 27-JAN-15 Rs 700 + Rs 2500 + 250% + 12 months 13-Jan-16
VAKARANGE 27-MAR-15 Rs 90 + Rs 225 + 250% + 12 months 13-Jan-16
BEML 02-AUG-14 Rs 500-520 Rs 1600 + 210% + 1 YR + 13-Jan-16
JETAIRWAYS 07-NOV-14 Rs 240 + Rs 795 + 210% + 14 months 13-Jan-16
KWALITY 11-NOV-14 Rs 50 + Rs 152 + 200% + 13 months 13-Jan-16
Nilkamal 06-Dec-14 Rs 346 + Rs 1600 + 450% + 13 months 13-Jan-16
KCP 13-JUL-14 Rs (37-40) Rs 107 + 200% + 2 YEARS 13-Jan-16











Our Vision

  1. Your Wealth Planner was founded to provide the best and the most suitable wealth Planning advisory only.
  2. We won’t sell the other financial products or any other sales.
  3. Our aim is to provide the best investment advisory in indian financial markets.
  4. We works for all the Professional/NRI Persons/Business Persons/Celebrities/High Profile People/Sports Starts.
  5. We provide professional, experience, & dedicated CERTIFIED INVESTMENT ADVISORY services.
  6. We have professional CERTIFIED INVESTMENT ADVISORY Certifications from NISM-National Institute of Securities Markets) (NISM is An Education Initiative by SEBI-Securities and Exchange Board of India), NCCMP (NSE CERTIFIED CAPITAL MARKETS PROFESSIONAL), NISM (Mutual Funds Distibutors Advisory Certification (Earlier AMFI-Association of Mutual Funds in India).
  7. We Advice for Stocks Markets, Mutual Funds Investments, Tax Saving Investments, Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management & Wealth Management Services, IPO Investing as an independent advisory with a passion into the Indian Financial Markets.

Our Experience

  1. Your Wealth Planner was started by T.V.Ramana with total of 15+ years of experience with the most Number of Professional Financial Certifications CIA + NCCMP + NISM + Other Financial Certifications From NISM & NSE Institutions.
  2. We Have Finanacial Advisory Experience in Indian Financial Markets in stock markets Investments, Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Funds Investments, Risk Management, Wealth Management Services, Tax Saving Planning, Retirement Planning.
  3. We are experts in picking the stocks for Short Term/Medium Term/long Term investments.
  4. Recommendations only from Top 500 Stocks in Indian Stock Markets.
  5. We Recommend from Larcap, Midcap/Small Cap Stocks.
  6. We recommend based on Research Analysis, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sector Analysis, Trend Analysis, Economy Analysis, and Markets Analysis.
  7. Good Experience in Picking the Right and the best Mutual Funds Investment Schemes among the industry.
  8. We Recommend for Short term/Medium/Long Term goals of the Investors.
  9. We Recommend Advisory Based On Individual Risk Profile.

Our Crediantials

  1. Certified Investment Advisory Level 1 (From NISM-National Institute of Securities Markets)
  2. Certified Investment Advisory Level 2 (From NISM-National Institute of Securities Markets)
  3. (NISM is An Education Initiative by SEBI-Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  4. Mutual Funds Investment Advisory Certification (From NISM)(Earlier AMFI Exam)
  5. National Stock Exchange Certified Capital Markets Professional Certification (NCCMP)
  6. REGISTERED MEMBER IN AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India)
  7. REGISTERED IN SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  8. National Stock Exchange Certification in National Securities Depositories Ltd.(NSDL)
  9. National Stock Exchange Certification in Surveillance & Risk Management.
  10. National Stock Exchange Certification in Commodities.
  11. National Stock Exchange Certification in Capital markets Dealers module.
  12. National Stock Exchange Certification in Capital markets Derivatives.


    Your Total Financial Wealth Planning Solutions only.


    Professional,Expert,Independent Advisory with Wisdom & Vision.

    SEBI Registered Investment Advisory is Under Process.

    Say NO to Agents, Commissions, or Target Investments.

    We serve Stocks Markets, Mutual Funds, & Financial Investments Only.

    We work for Professional/Business/NRI/HNI/High Profile People

    We Serve only 500 Clients for Portfolio Investments Management Services (Non- Discretionary only).

    We takes Company/Corporate/Firms/Trusts/HUF/HNI Investments Accounts Also.

    We Provide Wealth Management & Financial Investments Advisory only.

    We Won’t SELL/Promote any other Financial Products .

    We Advice for INVESTING Only. NO TRADING Advice.

    All Investments In Your Own Account Only with KYC norms.

    Make your hard-earned Money works for you in best way.

    We works for Min 10 Lac-Max 5 Cr Portfolio Investments Accounts.

    Say YES to Hardwork, Experience & Performance Only.

    Get Our Expertism and Wisdom for your financial Investments.

    Get only the BEST from Industry & Pay the Best..




Stock Markets Investments

  1. Short Term Investments
  2. Medium Term Investments
  3. Long Term Investments
  4. LargeCap Stocks Investments
  5. Mid&Small Cap Stock Investments

Mutual Funds Investments

  1. Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)
  2. Diversified Equity Funds
  3. Largecap/Mid/Small Cap Funds
  4. Balanced Funds/ELSS Funds
  5. Fixed Maturity Plan/Debet Funds.

Wealth Management & Advisory

  1. Portfolio Management Services
  2. Non-Discretionary PMS Only.
  3. Portfolio Review & Analaysis
  4. Portfolio Advisory Services
  5. Portfolio Performance Services

Tax Saving and Investments

  1. Equity Linked Saving Scheme
  2. National Pension Scheme(NPS)
  3. Public Provident Fund(PPF)
  4. Post Office Schemes(POS)
  5. Sukanya Samrudhi Yogana(SSY)


Wealth Planning

  1. Investment Planning
  2. Tax Investment Planning
  3. Risk Management Planning
  4. Assets Allocation Planning

Retirement Planning

  1. National Pension System (NPS)
  2. Annuity Pension Planning
  3. Monthly Income Planning
  4. Health Insurance Planning

Technical Analysis

  1. Technical Analysis Training
  2. Minimum 10 Members per Batch
  3. Only For Experienced People
  4. LIVE Technical Analysis

IPO Investing

  1. Initial Public Offers(IPO)
  2. Qaulity IPO ISSUES Only
  3. For New Investors Also
  4. For Existing Investors Also